Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Temple Art Two

As you come to the gate, to be greeted by a protector that reminded me of the quote, "speak softly and carry a big stick." I had to laugh. I loved the vivid color mixed with the stern features. I thought of images like this being placed in other churches or temples of worship and wondered about the fear that this must instill with small children. The other contradiction I saw was how this figure had facial hair, and so many Korean men are clean shaven. It is an odd thing to see a man with any facial hair at all.
The interior of one of the building had this display of monks or priests that have made an impact in this temple. A visual history of who were in positions of leadership during various dynasties. I could only compare this with the pictorals of the past popes of the Catholic Church. The artwork is framed with such modest frames, it kind of stunned me, because I had to wonder how old some of this work truly is.
A traditional altar setting. Though I will be the image is a lot older that I am.
No space seemed to be without art. Even the ceilings are painted with floral patterns. I had to imagine a person laying on the floor to just stare at the celing. Perhaps seeking an answer to a life long question. Then again, they may just stare and play with the images in their mind.
No matter what belief system you hold, you have to just simply is beautiful to behold.


ruthie said...

Wow, it is beautiful indeed!

Marilyn said...

Thank you Ruthie, it certainly is...

lady macleod said...

Have you visited the temples of McLeod Ganj in Northern India? Norbulingka is one of the true places of peace on the planet.
YOur photographs are lovely and I enjoyed the previous posts as well.

Marilyn said...

LM...I have so many places on my list in the East...I will work my way there...and hopefully at a peaceful time I will make it war or peace I will make the effort.