Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Incredible EXCO

I know it is a bit unusual to fall in love with a building, however the Daegu Exhibition Hall, also known as the EXCO was a great site for the 2009 Daegu International Art Fair. This is no little gig, for this annual Art Fair's has been successfully growing every year.

When I got home, I downloaded my pictures and looked in amazement at this beautiful facility, so for this posting, I thought I would take you on a tour of the facilities.
Above, a couple of exterior shots of the building. The EXCO has 5 floors of exhibition halls for major events.
For whatever reason I thought when I looked up at the ceiling, 'so, this is what it feels like being inside a football.'
To appreciate the scope of size, I was on the fourth floor when I took the shot above.

This statue graces the front of the entrance. The first nude I have laid eyes on in Daegu...ah that was until I went inside the exhibition.

The view from the upper floor. The mountains surrounds Daegu, giving a calm feeling to this heavily populated area. There are about 4.5 million residents in Daegu, the fourth most populated city in South Korea.

Tomorrow...the showing of 2009 Art are going to love it!

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