Saturday, March 14, 2009

Phase Two - Action AKA Please Don't Take My Picture

When it comes to having your picture taken by a complete stranger, most will ask you not to take their picture. However, this was a willing bunch and I was happy to document what most were trying to do with their art. After all, 90 percent of success is just showing up.
I think what pleased me most was the variety of mediums these artists used.
These two artists were giving themselves a 60 second challenge. Each artist only had 60 seconds to work this piece. When their time was up, the other artist would take over from where the other one left off. The ultimate collaboration challenge.

This piece included the burning of currency. Even if you have a fat bank account (if the bank hasn't collapsed), what is it really worth?
How intent and focused they look...the dream of many was to color on the walls as children without the disapproval of parents.
There will be more to follow as I update on the status of the final renderings in this collage of the creative.
Just think what can come from a can of spray paint, a blue umbrella, and a ready imagination?
The question remains, what can come of this? Perhaps nothing, perhaps everything, but around the clock some of these artists will work. Others will come and make their mark and be done with it. Others are willing to get their hands a bit dirty for their work. Nothing is more beautiful than blue hands.
And then I saw this artist at work and thought, how stylish of her...a hat and leather jacket...surrounded by wet paint....perhaps not in this room...but I had my own Crap Art paint splotches imprints.
Higher and still the ceiling and beyond they worked. A young man who was wandering through just stared in amazement...and remarked, "I have never seen anything like this back home." He is from Ohio.
Only a few hours into the work, and already it is becoming apparent that soon the individual efforts are going to merge into a collective process. Space is going to run out. There is no ownership here.

I think I am beginning to like this dynamic.

Indeed, I do play fairly. This Malaysian film maker shot me as I was shooting blood was shed.

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