Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fortune Smiles Not For Everyone

It's the end of the weekend, and the trash piles are beginning to grow for Sunday night pick up. This is how I know the weekend is truly over. Yes, this is how trash is collected in South Korea, but at least it is collected, sorted and composted.
Outside of a shoe store, this owner is trying to clear out their overstocked merchandise with this pile of shoes, selling for less than 10 US dollars a pair (that is if you can find the mate in this mangled mess). Presentation is everything. Nothing screams worthless finds when you see a display of cast offs like this strewn across the ground.
An interesting scene. I happened to see these sets of booths set up for those who wanted their fortunes told for 3,000 won. What I did note was these were all young women, and I could already guess their questions, mainly about love, if perhaps they would be proposed to, and of course the questions that we all held about our paths in life at that age. What? Me psychic? Of course not!

But the scene was too good to pass up and I pulled out my camera and fired away...and noted the vacant booth on the end for tarot readings. I thought for a moment what fun it would be to cue up and pay my fee just to have them look at my tea leaves and shake their least the tea would warm me up on this chilly night, never mind the words.
So for something a little bizarre to throw in here at the end of the page is something one of my Facebook friends had posted to her when she was asking about 11:11, or seeing 11 everywhere she goes was a page for wishes. But be advised there are 8,888 'real' wishes that can only be granted and the number is dwindling daily. So instead of going to a fortuneteller...make a wish...and since there will be a full moon this week...make a big detailed wish.

For my superstitious friends, this might be what you are looking for, so be careful what you wish for!


lionmother said...

I went to that website and made 2 wishes, one for me and one for my daughter. I'll see if they come true.:)

Marilyn said...

I made a monster of a wish that read more like a book...ah...let's see what happens! It can't hurt!

My fingers are crossed for you Barbara (ohhh...I want to call you Babs so badly!)