Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jazz at "The Corner"

A change of plans, which happens in life...and admist my frustration with adjusting my scope...I decided to still make a night of it on Saturday. In downtown Daegu, I was needing something to divert my attention and I found live jazz.

I discovered a wonderful place called the corner.
When I went in the building I wanted to follow the wine bottles down the stairs.
However, that was not to be. Up three flights of stairs to find this sign greeting me...
(Keyword: Jazz)
As Foreign Girl (sitting at the bar) a friendly (but very drunk) man was trying to talk to me...and he was telling me how he liked being a photographer, but had run out of film (yes, film is still used). He then asked me a typical question, where I was from...oh that is a hard one for me to answer. He then proceeded to tell me that he loved me...note the absolute nuetrality in my pose...I was here, but used the opportunity of a bathroom break to change seats.

It started simple...just piano and a bass. The next number, a wonderful instrumental. With the audience getting into it, a vocalist sang two numbers. They then closed out the set with two full on instrumentals.

I had asked Chang-Hyun Park, the manager,the ensemble's name. Chang, told me they simply were called 'the quartet'.

Instad of my pictures...recorded at the Corner...The Qurartet....enjoy!

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