Friday, March 6, 2009

The Beatles

There is a little place off an unnamed side street in Daegu that I had found and every time I went by, the lights were darkened and the shades were drawn. I had gone by because of curiosity, the kind that tends to kill cats at times, but nonetheless I had to find out about this place called, The Beatles. I wanted to see if it was just another place that was just about using a name to draw in a crowd...or if it was a place devoted to music and the memory of one of the greatest bands to take the world by storm.

To my surprise, the door was open (finally). I have to admit I boldly just walked in. It actually wasn't open for business, however I asked to take a look around this small (and I mean small) venue that had really no room for any performers, yet there was a spot at the front for a small ensemble to be able to play.
Underneath the bar were a couple of framed images, of the early of John Lennon and the other of them engaged in a hotel pillow fight. People forget what makes a band great. What made them great was they simply were themselves. They weren't trying to be anyone else. As most young bands get exploited, so were they when they were with Apple records. However, Karma worked in their favor, and as we watched the music evolve and the group evolve...we often forget how turbulant the times were...and how some of the best music ever was created.
Being in this place though didn't feel like exploitation. It felt like the owner just created this place as a labor of love because it is only open for special events. However, I was grateful for the private tour, without a crowd to contend with to share these images.

There will be no one like them...ever.

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