Saturday, March 14, 2009

Room for CRAP ART

It was early in the process of Crap Art and I was beginning my exploration and encountered the formidable Sara Devila (a one and only) artist with the attack of the obligatory paint splotches to provide evidence that work had indeed been accomplished on the fourth floor of Club That. I asked Sara to talk to me about her work.

Sara had a ready answer, and it was obvious she was serious about her efforts here. She dubbed her piece Subjugation. To me it was obvious that she was going for a discussion on the objectifying of the female form. A feminist viewpoint that made me wonder is it subjugation when a woman wants to be an object? There are many that love the attention and deification of their form. A source for an interesting debate I am sure. That is what art should do, inspire thought, debate, conversation.

Nicely done Sara.

The next piece in the room originally did not have a name until I begged for one. Introducing the playful nature of Eguelson and Peadar's Finger Painting 101. It really was a lot of fun for them.

Peadar and Eguelson pictured above.

This piece above was created by Emma Thompson (no...not the actress, but from the same country) and titled by Sara Devila...Reconciliation. Emma approved, so there it is.

A young traveller, and fellow world adventurer from the UK and I discussed her creation, really not needing to be titled...but smiled happily as we swapped stories about our passion for global discovery. The commentary we could come up with regarding the real desire to go where ever a human wants to go is real freedom. I believe we are coming to an age where borders to need to go away. Once humanity can conquer their fears of not having, the borders can be gone. Until then, 'have passport...will travel' remains on my CV.
A new work popped up in the room that I revisited in the wee hours of the morning...and the whimsy continues....from room to room at CRAP ART: DAEGU.