Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Art is all around you...just look

It is said that familiarity breeds contempt. When you see something the first time, you follow the form, trace it with your eyes and examine the way the light and shadows move. Does it hold your attention? Does it draw you in? Is it deceptive and holds a mystery you want to discover? Is it just a random act of decoration?
A couple of students were laughing at my examination of this form. Perhaps it is because they see everyday. Perhaps it's because it stands in front of a cafe they use everyday, but were blind to what has become common to them. I didn't care. I crouched down, stood on something, and would have loved to have stepped back further...but the traffic doesn't always stop for pedestriants.
I wanted to see the image in as many possible ways as I could. I loved the proximity of them and how the image constantly shifted. I started to think about all of the pieces I have seen in my lifetime that I never photographed because they became ordinary to me. I could see them whenever I wanted and never shared them with anyone.
This picture was ill placed in a hall way with barely a notice. A fixture on a wall, not well lit.
Yet this huge work is on the side of a building......and I wondered how brilliant this image once was in its original state. It reminded me that nothing lasts forever...not even art.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the art walk. It helps to take my mind off the snow. I agree, things don't last forever.

Marilyn said...

Oh...there is more coming...I have yet to post the finds from Art Daegu 2009 that just finished...and there were some great finds...

Kindest regards...