Saturday, March 14, 2009

Final Preps - Shaping of Works

As I have shared with you, this event has been a compressed 24 hours of community creation in Daegu, South Korea. The venue, the fourth floor of an expat club...Club That. The mecca of the creative personalities brimming over with life. The goal of this adventure was to bring the community together...pulling some out of their isolation.
Some would say the art is crap. Some would say there are gems here. The final result was I saw a lot of artists just simply come together to feel the joy of creating something again.
There were those with immense talent who just simply came, did their bit and were gone. There were those who labored without sleep.
There were those who used whatever was offered to them, and those who had deeper messages in their work.
I saw incredible potential in these walls, for art, for people that were from all over the world to just do something together. This was an incredible coming together.
I would like to think for most people in the arts, that all would go well. The truth is, most in the arts wind up having to shelve their dreams and do something else for various reasons, even if they are insanely talented.
This provided for many an opportunity to just create.

To send a message.
To show the rest of can be done...within 24 hours.
I am going to head show the final results, room by room over the next week. What I can tell you, is that it has been an experience blogging by the hour and sharing with you a part of my weekend.

Life can be extraordinary...if you make it that way.

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