Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crap Art - Daegu

There is a wonder about the creation process any artist goes through. The genesis of a thought, an idea, to spawn a work, a rendering of any construct possible. Mediums of choice, where the artist has found their playground and just simply creates whatever they hold close to them for the moment. Then the moment is gone and only remembered by what remains...the art of their thoughts and dreams. That is where the magic is.

This weekend I get to watch the creation of art in a raw art show where the work is rendered live, without a net. The artists have 24 hours to create and then it is shown, almost reminding me of the art challenges in the height of the Paris Cafe scene during that went from the 1920s the 1930s. It was often how an artist became a name like Pablo Picasso. What if you could see one of the avatars of a future time create live now? What if you could see the paint and smell the smokey fumes of an artists cafe that didn't scream of a era or country of origin? Crap Art Daegu exitsts through the efforts of Josh Bellingham and Zaihn N.K.

This international expat community here in Daegu just simply creates. So this weekend, I will be socked away in a pub/club/coffee house/artist hub on the east side of downtown Daegu who will be creating art in a frenzy for the sake of art, out of their love for their craft. I will be writing away and watching, recording this event just because I feel it is worth my time to share it with all of you who visit.

Personally, I believe this is what more artists need to do. Never be an island. You need a community to thrive in. This is art. The art of life and it has become for these creatives...a simple state of being.