Thursday, December 11, 2008

This New Adventure

It is on to Taegu...the fourth largest city in South Korea. It is know as the City of Hope.

This indeed is a new adventure.
I have decided to create a blog, totally dedicated to my journey to South Korea. I will be there for one year teaching English in one of the major cities in South Korea. No, I am not a stranger to blogging, but what I felt was necessary for me was to take down all of the old pages and in a way, it feels fresh and new. There are a lot of reasons I am going to South Korea, to teach and to learn, to discover, to explore and to do things I have never done before, and this will be my first time seeing the Pacific.

I will be sharing with you the ordinary, the extraordinary, and where eastern and western thought meets. Within the next few weeks I am departing the USA, where the world seems to be shaking with fear, to another world that is filled with a different set of values. Perhaps this indeed is a time to look at our Eastern neighbors, using the skills of means to create ways.

I am the recorder in this adventure, join me. 2009 is the year of hope in the City of Hope.