Friday, February 6, 2009

Yes, Harold and Kumar...there is a White Castle in Korea

It is double-header Friday...had to...JUST had to post this picture. I have found White Castle...and I guess that means I will be finding 'Harold and Kumar'.

OK, it just makes me laugh whenever I see how many Korean businesses seem to just pick something out of the English language and say..."Hell...this worked in America...let me name my business something close to this and I will be successful too."

Laugh...if you actually works here. I also understand that there is a very fine seafood restaurant that bears not only the same name...but they designed the building to be a white castle.


rachel said...

i swear it's just the westernization of the asian countries. i mean check out japan! (they're the worst)

Marilyn said... gets better..and funnier...I can't leave my flat without my camera...