Monday, February 16, 2009

How to Sleep in Style in South Korea

Before I get too jaded, I thought I had better write about the new affluence that has hit South Korea. Traditionally, most families had either slept together on the floor or a traditional platform bed. But as things change and get more about having more...this has extended of course to how one sleeps when you have money.

In Korea, winters can be bitterly cold, so to combat the chill, most places are constructed with incredibly think walls and heated one could sleep on the floor. The way these beds are constructed, made often of marble or jade with heating elements built in to go right though your mattress. My platform bed conducts the heat from generated from the floor up through the posts underneath the bed...and surprisingly I sleep remarkably well.

Typically the full retail price on these beds are about 2.5 million won and I don't believe that includes the delivery charges.

Now if they would only reconstruct their bathrooms and start making full size towels here!

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