Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bus Stop

I do know the streets of Daegu can be a little busy sometimes. However, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this crossing-guard in the club district. Safety first folks! It seemed like a good picture to use since I realized this entry has a lot of vehicle imagery.
I spotted this mini...minus the noise of the wedding reception...announcing to the world the happy nuptials. Good luck kids...getting married in Korea is a lot easier than getting divorced.

However, I had to do a double take as this bus seemed to be planted into the side of a building.

A nice place to eat, if you don't mind people (like me) staring at you through the window. Complete with booths that reminded me of the 1950s, the patrons sit, but never really go anywhere.
But for good measure, had to throw in this shot warning taxi passengers to take care when opening their doors. Trust me, they drive with a death wish. As for the taxi drivers, just close your eyes and chant..."take me to a happy place."

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