Thursday, February 5, 2009

Back to the oddly funny...

I promise you isn't all doom and gloom and war...just rumors of war that is over here at the present time in Korea...which there has been since the Korean war ended in the 1950s...but no time for a history lesson.

I know Christmas is over with...and so are the Lunar and solar New Year's celebrations...but I had to snap a shot of this rather large bowling pin. It just seemed oddly placed between the street vendors selling their wares. No one seems to own the huge bowling pin with its Christmas lights, but I am sure there is a bowling alley somewhere around, but as a foreigner deciphering the sign on the pin...all I can manage are the business hours from 1000 - 0200.

Perhaps if I looked up, I possibly would have been able to located the lanes, but why spoil it...the scene was enough to make me smile and take this shot.


rachel said...

hehehe! one just wants to ask "why???"

Marilyn said...

you said it Rachel...couldn't agree with you more.