Thursday, February 19, 2009

Street market scene...the backdrop of urban Daegu

Just out and about during my lunch break, and realized a scene that has been more like background noise, needed to have the volume turned up a bit. So often in many major cities throughout the world, the street vendor is largely treated as someone to ignore. They scratch out their way without the benefit of having a stable place to sell...and depending on the city may have to have a license or permit to sell their wares...but most of the time, I often think of how this is an indicator of a society's economic pulse.

A street vendor's life a hard life if they are unaware of their consumers. That is true, regardless of the size of your business ventures. If you are out of won't have a clue. From under the pedestrian bridge, you can view this scene as just routine perhaps...but I see the customers still look...and a lot of them buy.

That is good news...the rest of the world should have such luck.

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