Monday, February 9, 2009

Mount Palgongsan Area...a good place to start

The Mount Palgongsan area was really a great place to start my explorations in Daegu. This area is the most sacred part of Daegu, situated in the Northeastern part of the city. The Buddist culture is treasured and memorialized in this region, and though they have 6 schedules stops on this trek:

Bullo-dong Tomb Park, Bangija Yugi Museum, Donghwasa Temple, The Historic site of General Sin Gun-gyeom, and the Bongmu Leports Park...I recommend you select two areas that you really want to experience and not just pass through as a tourist.

I was rather pleased how easy it was to make a reservation, as you can tell by the sparse population on the tour bus, my friends and I were able to enjoy ourselves. It isn't the height of the tourist crowds to contend with, and with the scheduled start and stops, you are very free to explore the different areas with as much detail as you would like.

For those that want a guided have to be in a group of ten or more, but then you are within the confines of the group schedule. I have to admit, I did love the freedom of going through at my own leisure.

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