Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feeling like you've had a bad day???

I know what I am going to think about if I ever feel like I am having a bad day...this guy. Now I normally just walk by, because usually when you walk by the restaurants with these displays, there is very little activity. Perhaps it was the way it was lit up...but I could not ignore the size and the spirit of this crab.

The other crabs were pretty resigned to their being someones future dinner...not this guy. Oh, he was certainly displaying a couple of things to me.

First, it was not very accepting of its current situation. It stared at me from his environment, waiving its claws around in an aggressive posture. It continued to climb over the other captives, looking for a way out, even venturing toward the top of its prison.
I couldn't help but admire its spirit. It was a defiant creature, however, I am certain that it made its way down someones gullet.

But then again, you never know...but what wonderful legs it had...mmmmm, with some hot melted butter.
But after looking into its eyes...I just couldn't do it...

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