Friday, February 27, 2009

An oasis for lovers in the center of Daegu

Near the center of down town Deagu...just off and away from the night life, I found this little park. Now most parks at night are not so heavily travelled, but as I walked through it kind of reminded me of the mythical lovers lanes that populated American folklore.
Two-by-two they sat together, having their private moments of conversation. Somehow, I found this scene oddly unique. Somehow, it seemed innocent and childlike...and romantic.
It isn't springtime, yet here they are, gathering in their private oasis, in the midst of this city. It almost makes even the most jaded person want to believe in love again. I had to really think of a time when I had seen anything quite like any other place. Sadly, I couldn't...not even at the Eiffel tower at night when I walked through the park and photographed it with all of its beauty. For the tourists are told to take extreme care.

Yet, here, in this large city, couples are able to sit unmolested. Where, even in these complex days of wars, terrorism, and even the rumblings from the North...lovers and friends gather to sit and appreciate the relationships that are important to them. Somehow it made me ache with the hope that this way of life could be preserved.
Yes, the night was truly beautiful in this city of hope. Even though the city is all around, you just have to stop for a moment to really see what is around you, and if you are might just see the unexpected.

I wonder what the Eides of March has in store for me?


mio said...

We're lucky we live in Asian cities which are relatively safe. Many young couples stroll or sit in parks and by the waterfront in HK too - getting away from the hustle and bustle of their lives!

Marilyn said...

Yes we is wonderful.