Friday, February 13, 2009

Reunification Buddha- Donghwasa Temple

The Donghwasa Temple is situated in the Mount Palgongsan Area of Daegu, which was originally constructed in 493 by Priest Geukdahwasang, originally called the Yugasa Temple. However, this Buddah is the newest addition to the Temple grounds, built for the purpose of prayer for the reunification of Korea.
It's size is overwhelming. You will always notice the over sized ears on Buddahs in this region. The purpose of the over sized ears is basically an invitation to be heard. A desire to hear your hopes and dreams...the prayers for what you want in life. You will usually see Buddah with a lotus blossom in his right hand and in the left hand, a peach. I did notice the absence of the lotus blossom, but the peach was ever present, with a little something extra.

I could not help but notice the bird's nest being protected under the left hand, as a kind of omen. The priests here have obviously have agreed...for there have been no efforts to remove the nest.

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