Monday, February 23, 2009

"Korean Style...Korean Style!"

"Korean Style! Korean Style!" Is what this group of men screamed at me to goad me into taking their picture. So as I was going through my shots from the weekend...I thought why not? After all style is a way something is done, worn, or just has. It isn't fashion.

I must have that look that screams to be talked to...because I like to take my solitary adventures. Often, there are people that think I must be lonely because I am single. I kind of laugh because I feel like I have things that happen to me when I am alone and not with a group of people. Don't get me wrong, I adore my friends, but it just seems at times my life is full of magic. I think it is in part that I just look for it.
There are things I would possibly miss. The non-verbals of communication. I have to admit I had to wrestle my camera out of the bag for this procured shot. One dressed to the nines with even the placement the ad looking. Perhaps an unfair comparison, but telling.

Yet, somehow, as I was strutting down one of the side streets I was motioned into an opening for a new place. Though it was a new designer boutique, I found the food was more interesting than the clothes.
Also, a provocative announcement..."In Daegu Naked" which is set to be held this weekend...and those of you who do know me...will laugh at the dress code...'Black Chic' a time when I am trying to add more color into my wardrobe.
But this scene was perfect. I was wondering when men would start having to do their makeup...and I guess that time is now. Oh, soon we will start seeing blogs that offer beauty tips for men!

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