Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am ANGRY (not really), but they are..

I went to view a number of places today, in the Mount Palgongsan area, gathering up my images of what I plan on sharing over the upcoming week. I thought I would start with these kind and lovable creatures that are typically posted at the entrances of temples.

The reasons for these formidable creatures is to protect the temple by warding off anything that would try to harm these places of peace and solitude. My guide, Monica, told me that often Korean mothers would tell their children about these creatures...warning them if their behaviour did not improve, they would come and get them.

I had to laugh...but smiled when I noticed the colored prayer requests that were folded up and tied together. Requests for luck, love, happiness, and health...the common needs of all.

All Buddhist temples are primarily found in the mountains, as the religion was heavily persecuted. The Doughwasa Temple, was built in 493 and its original name was Yugasa and renamed after its reconstruction.

At the Donghwasa will be met by these creatures with bulging eyes and just remember...they really won't harm you...but they are always watching.


rachel said...

sounds like every country in its primitive form doesn't it? "such and such monster is going to come and get you if..."

great photos though... i like how the camera angle intensifies their stature lol!

Marilyn said...

Thanks Rachel...and they are damn colorful!