Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The subtle things

I looked up and noticed these streamers saw the flags of multiple nations, that was kind of there as a kind of after thought...however I kind of key in on patterns. I could not help but notice the placement of the US flag on these streamers, right between Japan and South Korea's flag...and on the other side, Australia...however as I looked closer...the US flag was always by South Korea's flag, and other countries would occupy the other side.

I most likely would not have noticed this on any other day, but today, after the news of North Korea continued talks of their long range testing, there was an oddly familiar sound I thought I would never hear...the unmistakable sound of aerial patrols. The sound of F-16s that made me pause as I walked to work this morning. I actually heard them periodically throughout the day. Normally, I treated this sound in the past was like room noise, and though there is an airport in Daegu, you rarely hear the sound of airplanes in Chilgok.

Today just seemed to have the tension of a highly tuned piano wire.

As I ventured out, the normalcy of the commerce of the city seemed steady, save this street just off the area of where some hotels are. Quite and calm, with a few people walking the streets...yes, you can find that in Daegu...unlike in Seoul there always seemed to be bustling crowds no matter where you you can catch your breath...and not be so close to someone that you can detect what they consumed for lunch.

Yet, as I did go to work this morning, I paused by the elevator to take this shot of a gas mask...ready to wear. In a half-joking manner I said to my colleague..."I have dibs".

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