Monday, January 26, 2009

up on the rooftop

A nasty cold has kept me indoors at a time when I really wanted to get out and explore more. In between the cold remedies, green tea, and loads of warm soup, I finally decided I had had enough of being inside and stepped out into the cold air. To my surprise, snow flurries. Light and airy for this Lunar New Year. So I made my market rounds with my hat and sunglasses on, still feeling like death warmed over, but nonetheless a smile on my face.

I wanted to snap a shot of the snow, but already the flurries had gone, instead I caught a shot of the families out on the ice. It made me realize how fearless children can be, not worrying about the ice being too thin. Their goal - to play, to have short to enjoy life.

Though I wish there was a blanket of fresh snow to cover the slumber of brown shores of this frozen over river, the scene was a perfect reminder of how we all need to play in our lives. A scene perhaps I would have missed if I would have been well enough to venture downtown.

Ah, back to my green tea, my remedies...tomorrow is another day for me to go out to play.

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