Wednesday, January 28, 2009

signs of Americana...capitalism in the east

Before I leave for Seoul, I wanted to post some odds and end I found, and I am sure I am going to find some more while I am here. There are some things that make you wonder why. Like naming a Pharmacy "Greenpeace Pharmacy". Trust me, I don't think they are protesting anything here, if anything, they will medicate you for that urge.However, there is a lot of shameless name borrowing that would definitely raise a few eyebrows when it comes to copyrights or trademarks. I have found places, like the "Restaurant Oprah" that has absolutely nothing with Oprah Winfrey. After all, they only used her first name...then again how many Oprahs do you know?
The Beatles, is another place that made me wonder if it absolutely anything to do with the Fab - 4...of course it doesn't! Every time I have gone by...the windows have remained darkened...I think the ghost of John Lennon has scared all of the patrons away.
However, there are the standby cult classics of Americana (besides McDonald's) I have found.
My first audible gasp was when I saw 7-Eleven. In the States, most are run down or closed down. This is just a straight up store chain, without pumping a drop of gas here in Daegu. I guess this is the major competition of GS 25. Don't laugh, I have even seen some swanky 7-eleven outdoor cafes...complete with an outdoor deck...however, not a garcon in sight.

However, I have to say that when I saw Dunkin' jaw dropped. I swore there wouldn't be a single one in South wrong I was. Call me crazy, but when it just comes to plain American coffee...this would be the place I would go...and still can. Except...and I mean a huge exception...these Dunkin' Donut chains...are not what you would expect. You will not find one hard plastic bench or fast food type of seating arrangement. When you enter here you will find...ah...dare I say a Starbuck's type of atmosphere. It is like being in another dimension...but the still the same...with a few other coffee house selections.
I just wonder what awaits me in Seoul...this should be interesting (I hope).

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