Wednesday, January 21, 2009

in search of a baguette and pain au chocolat....

There are things that one searches for because it simply is a comfort. It brings a smile to your face because it reminds you of a special place. In Paris, it was like a ritual for me to frequent the bakeries and pick up a baguette or perhaps pain au chocolate and watch the patrons go in and out and practice my French. So I had to give The name sake, "Paris Baguette" another chance...and so in my earlier attempt I was grossly disappointed. They did not know what a baguette was, nor were any of the pasteries remotely close to anything served in a French bakery. So, I went to another franchise....and was pleasantly surprised.
This perhaps is not pain au is more evil...this pastery is made with the cocoa pastery is chocolate flavored and filled with chocolate. It is also about half the price of what your would pay for pain au chocolate in Paris.
These chocolate dipped horns are filled with an airy type of filling and splashed with powdered sugar...not a favorite...but loved the presentation.

And last but not least...a solitary baguette...just waiting for me to claim it...which I happily did. Sometimes it just takes that extra step to get what you want...but there is no substitute for the smell of the bakeries in the morning at first light.

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