Friday, January 16, 2009

the couch at the end of the stairs

While out on my initial explorations I crossed an abandoned couch, while I am not in the habit of photographing abandoned furniture, I thought about the placement. You have come from a long hike and here is this couch just sitting there in the middle of Unam park...not on a sidestreet for the refuse collectors to gather, but in the middle of a park...set against the backdrop of beautiful mountains.

It could be someone wanted to avoid having to pay for their trash collection, or perhaps that there might be some use of it here. People are not prone to littering here so it was a little against type. Trash is separated as a way of life, which food waste is separated from the rest. Ah, in the states, such a long way to go with respect to our environment.

Well rather than get wrapped up with the idea of how the couch wound up in the middle of the park, I snapped the picture and kept on up the stairs. I highly doubt that anyone will be using it anytime soon....

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