Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gloves, Scarfs and a Stylish Hat

For those of you who are enduring the frigid weather in the states, I know you do not have any sympathy for me. This was the official first snow in Taegu, a dusting that was gone by the evening. Though temperatures have been cold, a mere minus 10 degrees Celsius...nothing really to complain about....ahhhh but at least I can prove it did in fact snow.

I have to say that I notice little things, like the fact that most women here refuse to wear hats no matter how cold it is. They will wear scarfs but the absence of hats makes me laugh. I think I feel naked without one, no matter what my hairstyle. Not exactly a deep thought, but it made me remember my observations around Paris. Most people would not wear gloves and they walked around with pink sausages for fingers, and yet I rarely see naked hands here and the infamous surgical masks that now are sold with all sorts of colors and logos, such as Hello Kitty.

At least I have warm hands and a warm head to keep my wits about me...and a smile under my scarf.

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