Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The New Footwear Trend in South Korea

I personally think these fall into the "ugly as sin" category of footwear. These
'rocker style' (and I don't mean rock star) style shoes are more like orthapedic shoes that are designed to rock your feet while you are out and about walking...or in this case rocking.

I had to laugh because like when the "crocs" came out I could not even comprehend trying them no matter how comfortable everyone said they were. I guess I am not sensible when it comes to shoes, but who wants to be sensible if they don't look good as well? Are the MS-Zones taking off? is hard to say since most of the women I saw walking around where in killer heel boots and shoes...and well, I admit, today I had my trainer's on. Damn, I guess I was being sensible after all. Perhaps I ought to try rocking around the streets of Daegu, I might like it after all, but you won't catch me trying to ride a bike with a pair of these!

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