Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Table is Set

This is not my first time eating Korean cusine, but I will say that everytime I am overwhelmed by everything that comes at you when you have a traditional Korean meal. I had to laugh because when I was ready to get to the business of cooking, the instant look of, "Oh my's a foreigner" made them ensure that I would not make a mistake, so the owner set about the business of cutting and preparing my meal. The hot coals put into the table, the scissors and tongs came out and away he went. It took some work to order my meal, with my horrific Korean, but it was still kind of priceless being the only foreigner in the place. A family was having their meal, and their young daughter came over to me, greeted me and bowed.

You definitely do not see that kind of behaviour in the states. For the most part, I do avoid all meat, but tonight I made an exception, since what was planned to be a usual haunt was closed and the planned gathering kind of dispersed with the wind. Possibly this was a best case scenario since I was not wanting to be out until all hours, and I have plans to be at my local Jjimjilbang tomorrow night. The things one must do to procure a bath.

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