Saturday, April 11, 2009

It Pays to Read The Label...

I have to admit. It must appear odd to shop keepers when I wander into a store, go through their inventory, and they watch me pull out my camera just to take a picture of a t-shirt label. I don't care about the looks...I don't care that this appears extremely odd...matter of fact, I do hope they notice and go back to the item I photograph. I want them to ask why...I want them to wonder why a western person would photograph their labels. In short, they often read like something you would find on the "Tonight Show". You know, those poorly worded advertisements that somehow make it to print. Only, in this case, this label is on thousands of clothing items in South Korea.
I couldn't resist this impulse when I read the conflicting messages on the label...another jewel. Telling...funny...and another thing to bring a smile to my face...telling me to think for myself, yet to follow trends. Or...instead of Chevy Chase telling me to "be the na na na na." I can be the brain (or more your own brain) and dress trendy, wearing a pink t-shirt.