Friday, April 3, 2009

An echo to the past

It is not an everyday sight to see the traditional Korean dress worn. This trio was getting ready to take the stage during the Cheongdo Bull fighting festival.
Their uniform appearance took away from their individuality, with only the colors of their long billowing skirts giving them any hint of identity.
As they took the stage to entertain the crowd they did not have to compete for attention, with all eyes focused on them. The conservative dress that simply seemed to glorify all that is woman, retaining a mystery, showing a side that declares less is not always more.
As they began to sing with the unfamiliar music to my Western ears, I thought about how difficult it can be for cultural traditions to survive. Even now, as the world gets smaller and you see one culture bleed into another. Somehow it is comforting to see older arts survive outside influences .

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