Friday, April 24, 2009

A Fixation on detail

I tend to swim in thought when I go for my solitary walks. As I go along and shoot pictures, I find that what I see and take in are like little notes to myself. Perhaps, it is in part that my culture is so young and lacks a real identity that was a creation of wanting to shed the old have having something new. That sense of individual freedom that can tend to horrify cultures that are community based. However that sense of individual freedom does have social costs associated with it that I never seemed to grasp until I started looking outside of my American bubble. Yes, perhaps I think too much. Just how I can view this wall and not just see a wall, but how the bricks though oddly shaped all have a place to form a perfect wall...with the right patterns and values to keep your eyes moving. There is the deception of being random, but you see the patterns that gives it order and stability.
I could just cross this bridge and wish it was another one in another part of the world, but I managed to see the light and image of how it made me want to see more. There is something to be said for societies who manage to hold themselves together for thousands of years. The name of the country might change, the political views may swing, but the mystery of the east is lies within their endurance. They embrace a culture of society, not the individual desires. How does one balance the desires and dreams for the individual to make it fit like the oddly shaped rock in a wall? A part from the wall, it's just a rock. Perhaps instead of being a rock one could be like a lamp post. Standing alone it serves a purpose in the night. In sharp contrast to the lights over a highway, an autobahn, or an expressway where they are functional in appearance and purpose. A lamp post is unique.
They are more unique and don't throw off a lot of light, but people are still attracted to them. Compared to the uniform construction of functional buildings with little personality, they serve as a respite against the glaring concrete communities that have been erected in the urban areas of Korea.

Though, I will have to say that I had to curb an overwhelming desire to be able to clean them up a bit.


lionmother said...

So glad I had some time finally to come over and see your blog. Today's post is almost zen-like. So few people take the time to see how bricks fit together.:) You are one of a kind!

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Marilyn said...

Thanks Barbara for the invitation and the kind words. I hope we all are one of a kind!