Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's a work out just to get to this gym!

It was indeed a beautiful weekend for a hike and I found another park across a bridge I wanted to walk across for months, but seemed to never have the time for. I happened to love how it was situated, close by a shopping district, and yet...here was this urban oasis with a trail that just begged to have me explore it.One you get up the semi-steep incline (just enough that you feel pins and needles in the back of your legs) I came to this walk way. The air was full of the smell of pine trees...just dripping with it that reminded me of my youth in the wooded areas of Minnesota (without the snow of winter or the mosquitoes during the warmer months). It perfumed the area.
And then, I stopped and stood in amazement. A weight bench? I wanted to blink. In the middle of the woods, in this clearing was a gym. I know it's not exactly Venice Beach in California, but here in the middle of the woods was a ready made gym with weatherized equipment.
It was too good to be true, all of the equipment used a person's own body weight to use for resistance. I admit, it got me motivated to at least try the equipment just to see if they were in working order (of course it was). What a great investment in the community...not to mention a great way to not only stay in shape, but to work out any stress as well.

I thought of the past health clubs and gyms I had belonged to in the past, and somehow they all paled in comparison...under the beauty of the surrounding trees, the sound of the birds, well there is no competition.

Though there is a bit of a hike to get here...I believe it was worth it.


Mike said...

My question would be - after a hike like that, how many people would actually feel like using the equipment once they reached it?

Remie James said...

Your pictures are so beautiful each time I've seen. Only thing is that now I want my own place with an outside gym. wow that is gorgeous. i just gave my brother my exercise bike and abscissor. I still have my stepper and the total gym (cross bow is in storage - I so need a bigger place for that alone) But wow outside that is so awesome. More parks should have that set up. I would absolutely love to go into a park and find that right in front of me. That was a hike and a half looked like. well, a hike, work out, relaxation, meditation and all.

Marilyn said...

Thank you Remie.

ruthie said...

beautiful images as ever!

Anonymous said...

I completely concur, Marilyn. Having lived in Daegu for over three years it is still a lovely sight to behold exercise equipment midway up the mountain. What is equally endearing are the men and women who; for a nominal fee; offer liquid refreshments for hikers. Thank you for your appreciation for what is indeed thoughtful behaviour by the people in the "City of Hope," Daegu.