Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Unfinished/Finished Art of an Unknown Voice from South Korea

It's not often you see a work of a half-man/half-beast done vertically...or one that is left apparently unfinished. However, I found myself being drawn to this piece over and over again. I wanted to ask why...I wanted to visually complete it myself...and then I wanted to perhaps seek a deeper meaning than possibly the artist envisioned when he rendered this work.
The artist's information, which I credit him, as simply unknown to me due to my illiteracy of the Korean language and the lack of a translator. However, that didn't stop me from writing about this piece which I found intriguing.
This skeleton of a frame, that still clutches a hammer woven in to be both man and beast without flesh, without a head. I found this piece as I wandered through a gallery in Cheongdo, and though the other work was 'nice', but far from what I was looking for. This piece happened to be the only work I would classify as art, critically I looked at it and found myself wishing they had placed it in an area that you could walk around it. I felt like I was missing so much.

When you walk through these showings hoping to be surprised...even by one work....and you can usually tell right away if it is a piece you just simply can't stop looking at. I have to admit, I walked back to it three times. On the third time, I pulled out my camera for these single shots...the only pictures I felt was worth my effort to share with you.

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