Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What are you trying to say?

Often I look at messages that people send out...and with my experience in South Korea, I just can't resist this urge to get out my virtual red pen. I have to stop and wonder if they have any idea what they are communicating to the rest of the world. The above image was snapped in a boutique area. You can feel the search for words to try to convey the drama of the designer, the grasping to be this formidable force. "He is Very Destruction". I was wondering what he was trying to destroy. If it was fashion itself...or his image. Such is the predicament of trying to tell your story in another language that is not your own. In English...wanting to appear other than he was...instead of using a simple the one I found etched on a table.
"I can..." and then you fill in the thought. Sometimes two words are just enough.

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