Monday, July 6, 2009

A Blue Angel...for the love of art

Within moments of stepping out of the taxi, I read the words I have wondered about my whole life. These words caught my eye, perhaps because a dear friend of mine often spoke of how art is life to him....flowing through his veins. The maybe is a disclaimer perhaps, but every time I walked past this little art store it had been closed, that was until this past Sunday and I think I practically ripped the door off its hinges.
Blue Angel is not a gallery, but a small store with stacks of canvas that are painted by artists in the area. Some of the art incorporates a functional nature to it, such as their clocks, but mostly, the venue is packed with commercial pop art.
The one thing I did notice was the work seemed to be a blend of social humor....and still life. There was no real interview as we tried our best to communicate with each other, each smiling acknowledging each other as I navigated my way through the rich smell of canvas and paint.
This is the owner, Jay Kim. Who allowed me to snap a couple of quick pictures, and I think I mildly amused him with my enthusiasm. If you happen to be in Daegu...go to Blue is worth peeking through the stacks.

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