Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Road To India in Daegu

In downtown Deagu, I have really wanted to find a lot more of the unexpected...and there is a lot of choice here when it comes to food. Since I usually eat Korean food all during the week (yes a self-proclaimed Kimchi addict).I like to see if I can find something different. Oh, I am saving French cuisine for later. This time I wanted to see how Koreans served up Indian cuisine....and I found the road to India... This small marker near the foot of the stairs marked the road to India. I could smell the curry wafting down the stairs. However what I like about this little, unpretentious marker...was exactly what I was looking 'as is' appearance, humble, and hand painted.

The images of oil lamps, and eastern beauty made me smile. There was no conforming to a world view of beauty. Self contained feeling, just being as they are. What I loved about the art was it seemed not only sensual, mildly aggressive (as a display of defense), but also the feel of love for the female form. As much as I have studied the east (and hope for more stabilization within those countries), I find it as conflicted as the Korean culture is. Where the works of that Kama Sutra originated from and the origin of Tantra techniques, the human body is both celebrated and shrouded in a type of religious suppression. A shame in my opinion.
Despite the cracked paint, I smiled as I looked on this almost nymph like beauty going up the stairwell.
The interior was a mix of seating...private draped booths or couched seating with Hindi music in the background. You could meditate and eat at the same time. The menus were in Korean and English, with the wait staff having sufficient command of the English language. For those of you looking for some vegetarian options, they have well as one of the best tea selections I have seen outside of a coffee shop.

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