Friday, July 3, 2009

A Taste of Happiness

You never know what you will find looking out a window. As I was at work, I saw something I never noticed before. A floor above me, on a rooftop, there it was...a sign of life....I strained to see what I could, and realized...I just had to find a way to get to the top floor.
So last weekend I went to seek out this place, and found the sign that showed me the way. What had tortured me was the wafting smell of this Bar-B-Que....perfect for the days of summer. I rarely eat meat of any kind, but this...was absolutely enticing.
The chicken...had the best blend of spice (ok, my friends who know me...this means hot), came served sizzling...the most perfect chicken I have had. Not breaded or deep fried...roasted in a huge (by Korean standards) oven. I sat early patron...service for one...pleasantly allowed to photograph my discovery to my heart's content. The owner was delighted at how I just simply seemed to be like a child who has been given the keys to their own candy store...and I roamed and appreciated everything they had done with this venue.
They managed to create an oasis on the rooftop...that held for me just an overwhelming state of calm. Here in Chilgok...I just simply enjoyed every moment and every matter how small.
I saw these masks...thinking how odd that they would be placed here. As I went out the door I had to turn back...and capture them...a throw back to when I performed as a youth. But, we all do play our roles in life...the ever changing stage. Yes, you can have a taste of happiness.

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