Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just some the image

There is something to be said for trashing preconceived notions. We all have them, but I think I am pretty honest about mine. I have been taking my time with my explorations, because I love the contradictions of Korean culture. There is the obvious. There is the subtle. Of course, this could be said of many places...but not more than I have seen in Korea. In Seoul, which I have only briefly (and I mean a slight acquaintanceship with) touched...I am sure I might have a different feeling. But with Daegu, the most conservative city in all of Korea, I smile when I see something that just seems to totally rebel against established norms. Like the existence of piercing shops and tattoo parlours.
Of course I had to document the existence. I think, largely they are tolerated for the expat community. Rarely do you a young Korean sporting facial piercings or the exposed mid-rift. That doesn't mean that is a bad thing. It does mean, it is a hidden thing.
Like mural shows. Don't speak. Don't hear. Don't see.
Now...the above picture is for my male friends...the lovers of women. This is the trademark of a pizza place....that also delivers. I had to wonder what else they could be delivering, but I am certain that is better left unsaid.

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