Tuesday, June 9, 2009

See the children...the art of playing

Last weekend I went for one of my walks in the neighborhood and it seemed like everyone as aching to be outside. I stopped and looked at this makeshift trampoline area...not visually appealing but the desire to jump and be propelled like these children was contagious. Children, just able to be children in the city.

I contemplated the comparisons of how a lot of urban areas in the US are full of fear. Someone might take your child...someone might do harm to them...they may get hurt...the thoughts only of what can go wrong and never of what can be right. As a child I was able to explore my neighborhood and have adventures of making my way back home. Somehow, seeing children walking off by themselves with their friends makes me smile.
This explorer caught by my camera running through this sculptured fountain area.
To seeing a group of children come together to harness the power of the sun's rays through a magnifying glass.

They all could have been indoors, playing games on their computers...but they chose the better way. Play. Play everyday.

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