Saturday, June 6, 2009

Eat your veggies....

I was writing a friend, making a sort of confession that related to my vanity about my eyes. For as long as I could remember I have never had the need of know those things that people wear that enable people to see. Well, it has hit this woman square in the eyes, this creeping reality that every once in a while (possibly more than I care to admit) that I actually need help...and the slight blurring of letters that makes me utter a few profane words as I reach for the gray cylinder that houses the smallest and weakest reading glasses I could find.

Clarity. Crisp and clear the images come through. Like a game, I raised and lowered the glasses...watching my vision alter. Damn. There is something to be said for my mostly vegan ways...I adore carrots. I just wonder if I can reverse this aging assault on my vision. After all carrots in South Korea are NOTHING like the carrots in the west. I snapped a shot...and I am rather disappointed...these are on the small side. One carrot could feed a family of 15...well perhaps 5 or 6. The first time I went to the produce section, I wanted to ask what these were. I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought these were rare, but what is rare are carrots that would be considered 'normal' size. Koreans would put them back into the earth.

This is like a fish story, the one that got away, no one ever really believes them, not without a picture, which this 'carrot story' does have. What we would consider mutant sized produce, is averaged sized here. I just wonder how many of these I will have to consume so I can throw away the damn gray cylinder I am carrying around?

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