Sunday, June 21, 2009

Real Ice...For One Hot Strange Day

When ice in Korea has to be marketed as "real", it makes you pause. What is fake ice like? Sorry, the semantics sometimes gets in the way. The question I have asked all during this spring, about the famous Daegu heat has been answered this weekend. Yes, though I took this picture of real ice....I was pleasured by the freezer. The cold breeze. The absence of brutal air conditioning that I had despised in Miami (only because I froze), would actually be a welcome relief.

Still, instead of reclining inside. I decided to sit outdoors. Notebook in hand and camera at the ready, when two, shall we shall semi-intoxicated men were staring at me. All foreigners are stared at, but shall we say they had the excuse of intoxication to approach me...and asked to sit with me. I agreed. There was an attempt at conversation when suddenly one of the men was intensely fixated on my tattoo...I have only one...that was semi exposed.

Curiosity got the best of him, and with his lowered inhibitions he attempted to make a grab for my shirt in front of his horrified friend. Hastily, his friend said to me, "He's sorry!" The other man cut him off, "NO! I NOT SORRY!" and smiled...

Total and complete truth in those words. In a word REAL.

I burst into laughter. The heat of the day and a bag of real ice...and two drunken men...on a Sunday.

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