Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Walk in South Korea

It's Mother's Day in South Korea. A Sunday, as any typical Sunday you would see in Korea. Where the streets seem quieter and the glare of the neon is shut down by the sun. Yes, the heat of the day was felt and I was great with the sights of roses growing along fences that possibly would be nicked in some other city, are left unmolested to flourish here. I went out with the intention of writing (which I was able to) at a quiet intersection where I could periodically raise my eyes to take note of the changing surroundings.
Yet, after all of that writing, I found myself fixating on facades. The exteriors that all seem to be the same to blend into a common uniform nature. Without character, as bleating sheep. That is until I saw the one shown up above. Down a side street that red window frames and stones planted on the exterior.

I wanted to focus on detail today. The details that I found for this art supply store sign, that went further than colors...but the nest of bees that was just under the paint brush was really caught my eye.

To focus on the things that normally don't stand out, when you just get a chance to walk where ever you may be.

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