Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Style for the Dogs...

After the weekend that has been global news, with the suicide of former president Rho Moo Hyun and North Korea not backing down with its nuclear testing (once again ignoring diplomatic efforts). I was glad to see that something that made me smile.
I am sure that this pampered pooch has a closet full of little outfits for cooler days, but it is rare to see a dog with a set of running shoes here in Daegu. Every dog should be so lucky, but I will keep it on the lighter side, since so many aren't here in Korea.
I have seen some sporty pups here in Daegu, but none that compared to this glam dog. This dog is a bit camera shy, even with the owner trying to coax her pet to 'smile for Foreign girl'.


Don't Be a Slut said...

That is so awesome. I haven't seen doggy shoes ever, not even here in LA, land of the pampered pooches.

Marilyn said...

You have to be kidding!! No doggy shoes in LA??