Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No, not in Paris...yet...

No, I am not in Paris, yet. However, I have to laugh at how I seem to see bits of Paris here in Daegu. In little things, like the sidewalks, walkways, how older apartments are set up, with key pads to enter a private courtyard...but I have to admit...I love the rooftops of Daegu...where community gardens and kimchee pots and grills are set up.
I have to admit...every day I see the image of the Eiffel tower a few times a day. I can't avoid it. I thought about one day photographing just how many different places refer to Paris, or the Eiffel in my 15 minute walk to work...almost like a daily reminder. Now, I have just taken it as a given state of being.
The many bakeries that profess to be French, but are in all reality Korean bakeries with a French name. Bakeries with French all over the walls, but not a French pastry in sight. Paris, is of course more than the Eiffel Tower. The city of Paris is a magnet for many things. The center of revolutions in almost all areas of the arts, culture, and thought. However there was a story that came out today about students being refused their university diplomas for protesting.

Paris is one of the most vocal cities on this earth...the citizens are known for voicing their views. This move, to control public protesting flies in the face of what Paris is known for, Liberty. There is disruption, change, and movement that is constant in Paris that can tend to wear people out by just observing her changing her mood.

But, that is Paris...a city of dreams.

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