Friday, May 8, 2009

Honoring Your Parents

I always love it when the flower vendors come out to beautify the streets, and business was brisk today. It's Parents Day in South Korea, celebrated May 8th on the solar calendar and the vendors wares were in high demand, selling the traditional Parent's day flower of the carnation. I was looking up particular traditions that are tied to Parent's Day, and was actually stunned to find that former President Bill Clinton had created a Parent's Day in the US back in 1994 that was to be celebrated the fourth Sunday in July to recognize parents that had put aside their aspirations to foster a nurturing environment for their children.

I found the wording a bit repulsive, since I view you should never relinquish your dreams, but fulfill them. Parenthood does not mean that you give up living your life, your roles in life just get expanded.

Somehow, with Mother's Day and Father's Day already on the calendar, this seemed to go unnoticed by the American public. Parent's day just didn't seem to happen despite the existence of a President's council enacted to encourage communities to celebrate Parent's Day.

However, Parent's Day in South Korea is a major event for the children to present their parents with carnations and a little gift. It is also customary to sign a 'Parent's Day' song. Mainly the lyrics focus on love and gratitude, but the renditions I found were all variations of Western child tunes, such as Clementine and B-I-N-G-O.

The main purpose of Parent's Day is to teach the children gratitude and to render assistance to their parents. It also seems to soften the blow for households that do not have a mother or father present. They seem confused with our concept of needing a separate day for each parent.

Honoring and respecting those who have brought you into this world, to enable you to have the life you have, is a great lesson in where gratitude the home. Perhaps we all need the additional reminders...just to thank those that had their hand in shaping our lives.

Happy Parent's Day to all of you...


Anonymous said...

I feel honored that my sons treat me as a mother and a friend. The cards and presents are nice, but much nicer to know they enjoy my company and want to spend time with me.


Marilyn said...

That is the icing on the cake.

Lotus Reads said...

I agree with you...

I think parents that chase and fulfill their dreams and aspirations are probably happier people and thus happier parents?

I love the idea of having and celebrating a "parents day". In India, Nov the 14th is "Children's Day"...that's always a happy day for me too!

Marilyn said...

It seems to be implied in the West that you can't be an effective parent unless you sacrifice your aspirations.

I was mortified. To have a sacrifice turn into feel in a sense trapped by obligation.

There is always a may not be as quick or as swiftly as one would like, but you walk forward at the pace you are able to.

To stop...give up...well, what does that teach your children? That life stops because you have children?

There are always special cases when someone has a special needs child, but even then it is still possible.