Friday, May 22, 2009

Kreativ vice Creating...the envelope please...

In the few short months that I have been here in South Korea, chronicling my views, the culture, the people and activities I have been involved with I have been honored by your comments, your readership, and now the blogger awards from those that have the power to praise...which is everyone. This is a note to say thank you to a woman who is simply known as "Anita", a writer from Los Angeles CA who found my blog and nominated me for this award. Her blog is as much of a quest, as mine is...with a feel as if she had this desire to go back in time to throttle some sense into a younger version of herself.
I can empathize with that sentiment.

Now on to the award.

There are rules with this reveal 7 things you love and to nominate 7 other blogs that you feel that embody a creative or unique spirit...something about it that you gravitate towards.

Let me get the seven loves confessed...

1) A deep rolling fog
2) A cafe
3) The complete works by Rimbaud
4) A pen that never runs out of ink
5) Red Wine with a full body
6) A cool breeze on a hot day
7) Sunglasses

The list I have complied are of blogs that I feel a connection to. I don't always comment on blogs, and often it is because I just don't want to add to what they have written. It is their voice. Some commenters have disagreed with me, citing blogs can open up discussion...however in my view...discussion is only warranted if it is producing something positive...and not hi-jacking a member's page. I have seen the wasted energy into prolonged arguments that don't prove anything...and turn into huge ego contests.

Sorry, I have better things to do. Agree or doesn't matter...what matters are things that grow...discussion is different from opinions. As I have a tendency to go on, and potentially beat a dead horse, I try to apply the words of Lao-tzu, "Those who do not know, speak...those who do know remain silent."

I appreciate the comments, the feedback, but as the person who nominated me for this award said, "I am a silent fan." I attract what I am...a silent fan of a number of blogs I review because I feed off of other creative creatures...and appreciate what they are doing in this world that all seems to scream, "look at me." These talents create. They create because they love what they do. There are many out there that are taking incredible leaps of faith like I have done...not for money, but because they can no longer ignore who they are.

The award recipients are advised, there are legacy 'rules' that if you choose to accept the award.
1) You post the award on your blog with a link back to the person that nominated you.
2) List seven things you love.
3) Pass it on! You present this award to seven blogs you feel that nourish your creative spirit.

1) Marco Kaufman's Blog, The big book of grievances, is simply brilliant. From a writing standpoint he will simply put himself out there and just free writes...going through the actual journey of what it is to create literary scenes, dialogue...of a work in progress...potentially to create or discard. What every writer goes through when they are in a stage of putting it all together. I simply appreciate what he airing out his journey with us...being willing to be naked, without pretense.

2) As far as interior design blogs go...Digsdigs is at the top of the game. Incredible images, tight writing, and a person I want to have to design my personal space if I ever decide to pick a place to call home. I have rarely seen such an eye that can focus on the smallest of detail and just exude glamour, comfort and style in one image.

3) Barbara's Meanderings is a writer from the East Coast who shares her seemingly ordinary life...that of mother, writer, and retired school teacher who just keeps going. She shares her ordinary moments with her own brand of poetic license. She is a warm person full of life and loves to shine the light on others.

4) Maha Al-Yousif is the Baharaini Diva. Yes, another interior designer that I adore for her added sense of purpose in everything she does. She has a heart of gold and it shows in every post. Simply put, when you go to her go to a happy place.

5) Life Works Living is a blog I have given a careful read. This woman asked the same question I did, and jumped. This brave soul jumped over to Mexico as an ex-pat...where I am on the other side of the globe. However, she has had to endure some soul searching, not to mention being at ground zero of the swine flu pandemic scare. She doesn't post as often as I would like to see her post, but again...I am the reader.

6) Lotus Reads is simply one of the best blogs for international literature bar none! Written by Angelique Manchanda-Peres based out of Ontario, Canada. She offers intelligent, heart felt reviews of works of literature from the broad perspective of the human experience. She has made me discover new writers that have a genuine voice. She is why blogging exists. Our mutual use of the word Lotus in the titles of our blogs only reflects a natural attracts like.

7) Last, and most certainly not least on my list...Marie Isabelle Reed's Vintage Postcard Blog which appeals to two great loves in my life that are not on my list...France and history. Marie is the eternal scavenger hunter...with over 150,000 post cards in her existing inventory. Successfully, she tells you a story with the image...and though you know it feeds into her isn't a sales pitch (or is it?) ...because she simply loves what she does. You can regularly see her posts rank in the top 10 of Facebook is simple. You simply feel she LOVES what she is doing.

There are many, many blogs that I treasure...but this award served as a reminder to thank all of the writers out there who take the time to create, to share, and possibly just to bring a smile to your face because you can relate to what they are sharing.


Marco Kaufman said...

I'm writing up my response post now. Thanks!


Marilyn said...

A pleasure Marco...though some people may not 'get' flash fiction...I think it is brilliant...


lionmother said...

Oh, Marilyn that is so sweet of you to mention me and give me this award!! Thank you so much and I am going to put my response on today's blog.:)

I have a big smile on my face now. You have really brightened by "seemingly ordinary" life.


Marilyn said...

Barbara I am glad to have made you deserve it.


Don't Be a Slut said...

Wow, I absolutely love your description of my blog. I hadn't thought of it as a "quest to throttle some sense into a younger version of myself," but that's a wonderful way to put it.

I also totally agree about how sometimes comments can be contentious and superfluous.

It was an honor to give you the award; I always find your blog so interesting.

Marilyn said...

Anita...thank you for your kind words. And in a way in inspired me to work on a special that instantly brought a smile to my face. So double thanks.

When a person can inspire another to create...that indeed is a gift.


Anonymous said...

You're right about comments. I find it irritating when people just post something to promote their own blog or try to start an argument.
The Lotus Sutra Chronicles are always thought provoking but thoughts that don't have to be shared. I'm sure you have many silent fans.
And thanks for the list of other blogs. I've always liked Marie's site and I'm looking forward to digging into others you mentioned.
Carolyn Harris

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the blogger award. Your blog was one of the ones keeping me motivated about moving to Korea, but so far all I've seen is the inside of my hotel, the inside of my training facility, and now the inside of the quarantine facility as one of the trainees caught H1N1 on the plane. Maybe sometime soon I'll ge to experience the country.

Marilyn said...

Carolyn...thank you for your kind words and observations. I also wanted to encourage the others I cited to keep writing...and of course to use this as a time to high-light other blogs I often visit when I do have time...

By the way..I am glad you left your link as others can take a trip to Seattle to see your work.
Kindest regards,

Marilyn said...

Ruby...hope you are able to be cleared soon. Yes, Korea is an incredible individual one...and as special as you dare to make it.

Don't loose sight of the opportunity to really grow in many ways.

I am glad to have encouraged you in your journey.

Remember, no matter where you go in life, there will always be those that tell you not to. There will also be those who complain no matter where in the world they are...there is no satisfying them for they will always look for the negative aspects.

Look with an eye of adventure!

Bahraini Diva said...

I just found out that you mentioned me on your blog! You are so kind Marilyn, I am speechless & thats a first ;-) What can I say.. I prefer to send you a huge HUG from my heart to yours

Marilyn said...

You are speechless...absolutely NOT!!

There was something special I saw in each blog...and you are an hugs right back at you...