Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It is and isn't what appears to be...

I was out during the day for a quick walk around when the familiar site of these dancing girls was heard off in the distance. Each time I see these girls, I just feel incredibly sad for them. It has to be because I have never seen such displeasure in all my life at doing something that should be fun. Here they are, young but lack any vibrancy. There is a mechanical way about them, that lacks any human quality. They seemed to repel everyone around them. I noticed that most of the men that walked by didn't even look at them. They didn't pause or stare. You will see a couple of them in the background.

There seemed to be a sense of shame associated with what they were doing. Instead of having fun, it was like watching 'careless dancing'. Nothing about it was in sync. I decided in haste to film these girls, just to show this total lack.

It was like watching corpses dance. I had wondered to myself, what took their joy away? Life is often that way. Can you actally take something you love to do and then suck all of the life out of it? Or is it that you allow something to take it away from you?

Just a thought...from few minutes out of my day.

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