Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fading Summer Hues

White linen tablecloths and the sound of a wine being uncorked pops in the background. The silence of quiet conversation and the air is alive with an under bite of an odd cool breeze without the rain. People had told me Daegu was hot and incredibly humid. In truth, this was not an unbearable summer for me. Yes, there were days I felt the ache of the heat, but I compare that with 7 years in Miami and found there were no comparison. An endless summer is not noted so much when everything remains the same. There is no cause or concern to really change anything . A hurricane here or there, just enough to raise the fear threshold for a bit and then there is the recovery after a storm. There is no appreciation for constant days of sun and heat, only to feel the limited bite of what passes for winter. There is no wrath in the cool winds that are actually more of a relief than a regret.
However, I am in Daegu, and the days of summer are not without a number. They are given an allowance of days, so there is the earnest desire to make use of them. There is no endless abacus. Fall is coming soon, and the shops are changing their displays to darker hues to roll in the announcement that yes, time is moving forward. This has been a year of drama in Korea. I should say the two Koreas, that long for the day when there is a form of reunification. However, with the underpinnings of dramas and one side having scarcity issues and the other, a booming economy, bright signs of hope came with talks of workable solutions with a sense of calmer and cooler heads coming to the table. The wild west show has been put on hiatus as this region is seeing a number of changing in the region of politics...with the terms good and bad as changeable as the seasons.
The harvest is coming in with huge crops. I don't know what they are using here in Korea, but it definitely is not miracle grow. I myself have planted some things this year, and it makes me feel like I do have a green thumb after all. Really, all of the work is done by nature. I don't have anything to do with it at all.
The religious icons are invading Korea, as I noted the chipped statue and realized I had largely ignored the western religions here. They do exist, but I just nod and walk by. I am reminded of past readings of where literature would cite of man's need to pray for the security of commerce and the industry of a said nation. I note the beliefs with a bittersweet edge to them, only because I frown. I still look at all of the mythologies mankind...not women...has created. Yet, women shown as birthers and subservients to enhance the cause of man. To keep us in our place we are shouldered with the burden of creation of sin. We were the first sinners, not men. So in this light, I am happy to reject that view from mankind.
On the lighter side, I am posting this as a plea, for the spirit of imagination to fall upon this country. It possibly can't all have been said and done before. Not to the point that Korea has to have a McKorea...oh wait, it does? I did notice it does say I guess you will miss out on the two-all beef patties.

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